During the past four years in California, I have become acquainted with Durst Builders estimating and production personnel. Their company has completed nine industrial buildings in Corona, CA and one office building in Irvine, CA for Quality Management to date.

We have complete confidence in the integrity and availability of Durst Builders. When DBI schedules your job, you can count on the crew and material to arrive on that date. When job foreman, team leader arrives with the crew, you can count on the production schedule to be met and problems in the field that may arise being solved.

During the estimating period, budget and value engineering, and are there to assist and guide you to a successful plan for your project. In the event there are questions or concerns that are not being met, the president, John Durst, is immediately available.

We feel confident in recommending this quality competitive company. If you want your job done right and on schedule, hire John Durst.

Norman Pulliam, President
Quality Management LLC