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Restoration of Classic Buildings is an art form.

Preservation of the Classic portions of a building while upgrading the structure to the riggers of current building codes takes a team of dedicated professionals.

Durst teamed with the best in the industry to take 1940’s World War II era buildings at the old Hughes Aircraft campus that had sat empty and deteriorating for over 25 years and turned them into modern yet retro creative office space.

Durst recently teamed with the City of Santa Barbara to take an early 20th-century historical recreation center and bring it up to current seismic code while preserving the classic feel and beauty of the building. In addition, Durst teamed up with Allen Construction on a Classic 1920’s Hancock Park home. The owner wanted a home with all the modern amenities yet the city had strict requirements that had to be adhered to because of its Historical designation. The end product is a beautiful 21st century home with the feel of its original architectural beauty.

If you need master-carpenters to restore the luster to your early 20th century building turn to Durst and our team of experts.