general contractors

If you had to explain to a General Contractor who we are and what we do what would you say?

Durst Builders specializes in commercial wood framing. Ground up and full building restoration. We are a team of highly skilled construction professionals with many decades of experience.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

  • Quality, Quality, Quality.

What kind of jobs do we want?

  • Heavy Timber Framing
  • Panelized Roof Structures
  • Seismic Upgrades of existing buildings
  • Complicated projects that require a high level of technical knowledge

What kind of people do we want to work for?

  • General Contractors, Owners who are interested in a price for a complete job. Change Orders are a killer due to missed scope.
  • Durst will provide a complete framing scope. Plan changes obviously do create change orders and Durst provides detailed Change orders at a fair price.

What are we the best?

  • Providing a complete rough carpentry scope for your project.
  • We will be on schedule and on time every day.

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The very best builder for your ground-up construction or full building restoration project.

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