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Expo Station, Building Construction

So, this is John Durst, Durst Builders, and we?re at our construction site down in Los Angeles at Exposition and Centinela. A building – just has quite incredible logistical issues getting the building up. It?s a creative office space So it?s all post and beam construction on the inside all exposed glulams, floor joists, floor sheeting from the underside, all exposed so we?ve had to take special care in putting everything together. The building is already leased out 100% and we?ve worked very hard and diligently to draw everything on AutoCAD before we put it together and work through the process. We?ve had to crane all sorts of equipment up on to the 3rd-floor podium deck. So that we can build the building And because it?s all post and beam We?ve had to build the building from the outside up to the roof and then back down on the back, and fill in the inside. Right now we?re currently up to working on the 4th floor. And about to start working on the 5th floor Beam construction – setting all the glulams. This has just been a great project to be involved in and really gives a real emphasis on what we can do and what we do well. Almost the more difficult and more intricate and logistical issues there are the better we shine.

And what we do here, really can go anywhere, we can figure any project out. So we could even go inside and take a look at some of the beautiful beams. All the exposed materials. All the beams have to be routed out so all the hardware sits flush and the sheeting is flush. As you look around we had to put the equipment up so we had to bring the grate all up on to the building. We?ve got two spider cranes up here as we are really putting everything together. We?re involved with setting a lot of the structural steel as well Just making sure all of the connections are tight and flush and available for view as the tenant is going to leave all the wood is going to be exposed. Except for the exterior walls. And then the views from here? It?s right off the 10 freeway from the roof you?ll be able to see right out to the Pacific Ocean. So it?s going to be quite a building here, down in this area.

Creative office space construction

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Expo Station is a revolutionary transit-adjacent creative office development. It sets a new standard for creative office design with a unique angled roofline, high ceilings with exposed wood trusses and over 16,000 square feet of outdoor patios which have unobstructed views stretching from the ocean to DTLA. Expo Station is an easy walk from the new Expo/Bundy rail stop and immediately adjacent to the Centinela ramp of the I -10 freeway.

More about EXPO STATION: https://www.expostation.la/

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