Construction Project Rescue

Hotel Construction Project Rescue

Not every building project goes as expected. For a variety of reasons, construction projects veer off schedule, costs escalate, unforeseen conditions bring into question whether a project can even be completed, communication ceases, and work grinds to a halt. At Durst Builders, we know it takes skilled strategies to ensure projects are completed on time and we are proud of the high-quality strategies we have developed to help you improve the execution of your construction projects.

DBI helps to solve common construction project challenges by applying proven tools and techniques for resolving difficult situations to your project. Is your construction or building schedule in trouble? Is your rough carpenter improperly insured, or even worse, insolvent? The culprit for these delays could be due to a lack of project planning and time management. Fortunately, DBI is well equipped to step in and turn your project around to ensure a successful and profitable outcome.

Is your construction or building schedule in trouble?

Recently, DBI was called in to work on the Cambria Suites Hotel in Calabasas CA as pictured here. As may occur in many construction projects, there were instances here where the owner, experienced the subcontractors under-performing. Generally speaking, under-performing occurs when a project is not meeting its goals, objectives, or both. In this particular project, the root of the issue was that the rough carpenter went insolvent. Luckily for the Cambria Suites Hotel, DBI has crews that could come in, take over, and get their building done. Since DBI answered the call to complete the project, the building is scheduled for timely completion. Just like this hotel, DBI can help get your project back on track. Just send an email or call today to find out how!


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