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Ground-up construction / full building restoration services

Ground-up Construction

Commercial Framers / Full building restoration services

Commercial Framers

Full-restoration / Ground-up Construction

Meet John Durst

John Durst - Durst Builders construction services

“Building is an art form of the highest order it dates back to the beginning of time make sure you hire an authentic craftsman.”

– John Durst


Founder & CEO, John Durst is at the top of the Durst Builders organization, we are seasoned engineers, craftsmen and master carpenters. If the job is tough, you need it on time, on budget and strong enough to stand the test of time. You need Durst Builders.

We are located in Southern California and provide Structural Engineering, Architectural Design and Build, Construction Framing, Roof Reinforcement, and General Contracting Building Services nationwide… read more

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Complete construction, framing, and full-building restoration services.

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…We feel confident in recommending this quality competitive company. If you want your job done right and on schedule, hire John Durst Builders…”
Norman Pulliam, President
Quality Management LLC

Construction Project Rescue

Construction Project Rescue

Hotel Construction Project Rescue Not every building project goes as expected. For a variety of reasons, construction projects veer off schedule, costs escalate, unforeseen conditions bring into...

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ABAA accredited

We are a team of craftsmen and construction professionals confident in designing and building the very best structure for your money.

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The very best builder for your ground-up construction or full building restoration project.

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